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At Avenue Orthodontics, we have built our reputation on a combination of things. There’s the positive word of mouth that comes from having an ever-growing base of satisfied patients who just can’t stop talking about the quality care they receive at our practice. Then, of course, there’s our commitment to providing that quality care, which never flags. And finally, there are the people, beginning with our skilled, personable orthodontists, who continue to make dental news throughout New York and keep Avenue Orthodontics in the public eye.

Drs. Eleni Michailidis and Abraham Chahine are proud to be at the forefront of their profession and recognized as being among the most distinguished orthodontists in New York. We encourage you to check out the following appearances our orthodontists have made in the media and then contact Avenue Orthodontics today to schedule your initial consultation with one of our esteemed experts.

October 15, 2015: Read This before Your Kid Gets Braces

Drs. Eleni Michailidis and Abraham Chahine were featured in the October 7, 2015 issue of NYMetro Parents, contributing an article entitled “Read This before Your Kid Gets Braces” to the Ask the Experts section. They respond to the question “How can I decide which orthodontic treatment is best for my child?” by honestly weighing the pros and cons associated with traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign® aligners. The pros and cons lists are enlightening for both parents of children and adults who are considering orthodontic treatment. Ultimately – and correctly – they conclude that “Your final choice will be a combination of your personal preferences and your orthodontist’s professional opinion.”

March 18, 2015: Orthodontic Practice Opens in Whitestone

NYMetro Parents publishes an article entitled “Orthodontic Practice Opens in Whitestone” to alert the community to the opening of Avenue Orthodontics by “husband-and-wife duo Abraham Chahine, D.D.S., and Eleni Michailidis, D.D.S.” The article details the types of treatments available at the practice, including surgical orthodontics and Invisalign, in addition to mentioning that the orthodontists offer complimentary consultations and weekend appointments. Although the practice actually opened in November 2014, the article boosted the profile of the practice in the community.

2014: Behavior Modification of Children with ASD in an Orthodontic Setting

Dr. Abraham Chahine collaborated with five other authors on a study entitled “Behavior Modification of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in an Orthodontic Setting.” The 2014 study was published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, a peer-reviewed professional publication, and was the featured on the cover of the journal!

October 2010: A Common Founder Mutation in EDA-A1 Gene in X-Linked Hypodontia

Dr. Eleni Michailidis was one of five authors of a study that found a connection between X-linked recessive hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (XLHED), a rare disorder that results in the abnormal development of hair, nails, sweat glands, skin, and teeth, and X-linked recessive hypodontia (XLRH), a condition in which a person is missing teeth because those teeth never develop. The connection exists in a common mutation in the EDA-A1 gene. The study authors suggest that XLRH should therefore be grouped under XLHED.

September-October 2007: Atrichia with Papular Lesions Resulting from Novel Compound Heterozygous Mutations in the Human Hairless Gene

Dr. Eleni Michailidis collaborated with four other authors on a study involving a two-year-old Caucasian boy with complete alopecia (baldness) of the scalp. The authors identified two as-of-then unknown mutations in exons 3 and 8 of the hairless gene.

2004: Three Females among Those Honored at Columbia’s Dental School

Dentistry iQ recognized “Columbia SDOS student Eleni Michailidis, Class of 2006” for being honored for her predoctoral research at the 50th anniversary of Columbia’s Birnberg Student Research Days in April 2004. She was honored specifically for her work on “Fine Mapping of the Locus for Autosomal Recessive Hypodontia with Associated Dental Anomalies Maps to Chromosome 16q12.1.”