Communities We Serve

Communities We Serve

The word is out about Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham. They’re specialists who trained in the top dental and orthodontic programs in the country. And they’re friendly, warm people who truly care about you – which can be hard to find in today’s impersonal dental care system. No wonder we’re getting patients from all around the surrounding area. Here are some of the communities we serve.

Orthodontist in Whitestone

Whitestone is our home base and where our office is located. It’s also where Dr. Eleni grew up and went to school until 8th grade, so Whitestone is very special to her. We love this dynamic neighborhood and are so happy to provide the community with high quality orthodontics.

Orthodontist in Douglaston

From Douglaston, it’s just a short hop over Little Neck Bay to see us in our Whitestone office. Several of our patients come from Douglaston and even further to get high quality orthodontics in a beautiful, clean, and professional office. After you meet Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham for a complimentary initial evaluation, you’ll realize it was worth the short drive!

Orthodontist in Flushing

The diversity of Flushing is its greatest asset. Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham enjoy meeting people from all backgrounds, and their warm, caring personalities will immediately put anyone at ease. If you live in the dynamic neighborhood of Flushing, make the little hop up north to see us in Whitestone. You’ll be glad you made the short trip to see these top-notch orthodontists.

Orthodontist in Bayside

We love the beautiful neighborhood of Bayside, and our wonderful patients who come from there to see us in our Whitestone office. It’s a short trip, and it’s worth making it to see our highly-trained orthodontists.

Orthodontist in Little Neck

Patients come from Little Neck for our excellent orthodontic care. Whether you’re right next door to us, or you’re across the bay, we’re still your neighbors. Come on over to see us in Whitestone so we can take care of your family’s orthodontic needs. You’ll be glad you did, when you meet Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham and see the perfect smiles that result from the top-notch treatment.

Orthodontist in Queens

It’s not just these neighborhoods that our patients can come from. We serve the entire borough of Queens. If you’re anywhere in our borough, come visit our Whitestone office and meet our wonderful, caring orthodontists and staff. We’re not far from you, and we’ll take great care of you and your smile.

Orthodontist in Long Island

Whitestone may sound far from you if you live in Long Island, but it really isn’t. It’ll be worth the drive after you meet our orthodontists, Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham. We have many patients from Long Island that come to us in our Whitestone office, and we are dedicated to making it worth the trip!

Orthodontist in New York City

Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham spent several years treating patients in Manhattan, and still continue to do so in their Whitestone office. We know that there are many orthodontic offices to choose from, but we promise to work with your schedule and make the trip worth your while. Schedule your free initial consultation with us and meet our highly-qualified orthodontists.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Orthodontist?

You’re looking for an orthodontist with top-notch training. Dr. Eleni Michailidis and Dr. Abraham Chahine trained at Columbia University, New York’s own Ivy League school, and then went on for further training at two of the top residency programs in the country. They wanted to have the best possible education, in order to serve people at the highest level. They’re trained in a variety of methods, from Invisalign to early orthodontic treatment of kids, and can help you with almost any problem with your smile.

You’re also looking for someone who truly cares for you as a person. You couldn’t ask for anyone more caring than these two. Dr. Eleni and Dr. Abraham focus on immediately putting their patients at ease, and on making sure all of your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable. They chose this profession to work with people of all ages, and they really love helping others achieve the perfect smile.

Whether you’re looking for an orthodontist in Queens (Whitestone, Bayside, Flushing, Douglaston, Little Neck and beyond), or if you’re from Long Island or Manhattan and are willing to venture out a bit for the very best care, Avenue Orthodontics is a wonderful orthodontic practice with two of the finest orthodontists in the area. You’ll be so glad you came to see us when you see that perfect smile in the mirror. To ensure that you’re completely comfortable with your treatment, we offer a free consultation and initial exam. We’re excited to meet you!