Metal Braces

Metal Braces in Douglaston and Little Neck

Braces have been common among teens in the US for several decades. And while newer options, such as Invisalign, clear braces, and lingual braces, have come on the scene, traditional metal braces still remain a popular choice, both for their lower cost and for their ability to move teeth quickly and efficiently.

Technological Innovations

Many of today’s adults remember their high school days, when they had braces or their friends had them. They think of braces as uncomfortable and unsightly. Many people don’t know that there have been advances in the technology of braces, which have made them more comfortable and esthetic.

Low-Profile Brackets

Older metal brackets were fairly large. On smaller teeth, they could be nearly as large as the tooth’s surface. They also stuck out from the tooth, which could irritate the inside of the lips and cause discomfort.

Things have changed in the past few decades. The newest metal braces are called low-profile brackets, which are both smaller and thinner than the brackets of the past. These new, low-profile brackets cause less irritation inside the mouth, and are less noticeable too.

Heat-Activated Archwires

Traditional archwires were thick and stiff. When a new archwire was placed into the brackets at each appointment, the teeth would immediately experience strong forces, often resulting in pain for the first few days after the appointment.

Advances in materials science have led to the development of wires that are activated by body heat. These wires move teeth the same way that a traditional archwire does, but more gradually and with less pressure. Rather than being stiff, the wire is soft and pliable at room temperature. The orthodontist bends the wire into the brackets alongside the teeth, and body heat activates it, causing the wire to slowly reassume its aligned form. Rather than forcing teeth into the new alignment all at once, they’re moved more gently and gradually. This means less discomfort to the patient but the same great results.

At Avenue Orthodontics we also make sure to use only the highest-quality and safest products in the industry, including our brackets and archwires. All of the materials we use are US-made and safety-tested.

Why Choose Metal Braces?

Even with the high-tech innovations, metal brackets and wires placed on the front of the teeth, are usually less expensive than other options. This may be a particular concern for families whose children need orthodontic treatment, but is also important to many adults, who want the most affordable treatment available.

Braces can treat nearly any type of orthodontic problem effectively and efficiently. Even for mild cases, the duration of treatment is frequently shorter with braces than with other options. For some people, this may be a reason to choose braces. Plus, with accelerated orthodontics, your treatment time can be shortened, so that you may need your braces for only a few months.

Want to Discuss Your Options?

If you or your child is in need of orthodontic treatment, metal braces are an option that you may want to consider. Come discuss all of your options at a free consultation and initial exam with Dr. Eleni or Dr. Abraham. At our office in Whitestone, we serve patients in the surrounding areas, including Douglaston and Little Neck. You’ll get a realistic assessment of your orthodontic needs, and what options would work best to get you that perfect smile. Best of all, you’ll get a warm, caring welcome from a pair of experts who truly want the best for you.