In this video, patients of Avenue Orthodontics located at Bayside NY Whitestone NY talk about the high level of customer service offered at the practice.

Marisa says that when she asked for recommendations regarding dental doctors she was given names and nothing more. But when Avenue Orthodontics was referred to her it is always followed by a compliment. This speaks volumes of the care and attention given to patients there. Marina, another patient goes so far as to say that she wouldn’t trust her kids at any other practice.

Kids Liana and Angelina also find Avenue Orthodontics to be very friendly and say that their experience here has been great.

Emily is also effusive about the treatment at Avenue Orthodontics provided to her son and daughter. She says that the doctors and staff work around patient’s schedule no matter what day of the week it is and that they are always available in an emergency. Her friends who have come here for treatment on her recommendations are also very happy with the results.

Marisa & Peter, Mother and Patient – I always recommend, now that’s one thing that I did notice when I was asking around looking for recommendations, everybody was just saying I go to Dr. So-and-so and nothing else right there. And when I asked somebody and they also happen to come here, you know, it’s always followed by “they are so great in that office”. And everyone always follows Avenue Orthodontics with another compliment about them. It’s not just oh we go to Avenue Orthodontics.

Marina, Patient – I have recommended the practice to many family members and people that I know my daughters friends, they are at a age where they are putting braces on. Because I believe this is a great manner in orthodontic practice, and the doctors are amazing, the kids love them and they do a great job. I wouldn’t trust my kids with anybody else.

Liana, Patient – I would highly recommend this place. Avenue Orthodontics has been great

Angelina, Patient – I would recommend this place because this place is very friendly and I think my friends and my family would like to come here.

Emily & Nicholas, Mother and Patient – We heard wonderful things about them from our friends and until we came we knew how amazingly true they were. My son needed his braces and so did my daughter and that’s how we came here. Their timing is excellent their appointments are amazing, they work around your schedule doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. You know even if you have an emergency, they are always available. The kids, you know, I bring them straight after school. We don’t have to wait here long. I would definitely recommend Avenue Orthodontics place because I have recommended to a few friends of mine and they are very happy with the results and they are very grateful that they found somebody who’s, you know who’s is very good at what they do. And they care about your kids.