Are Lingual Braces in Queens Right for Me?

Are Lingual Braces in Queens Right for Me?

Are Lingual Braces in Queens Right for Me?

A common hesitation about seeking orthodontic treatment using braces is the idea of having protruding, visible braces. Lingual braces make it possible to improve your bite and achieve a more attractive smile without visible braces. Lingual braces are conventional braces placed on the backside, or lingual side of your teeth. This keeps them hidden while they work to straighten your teeth as effectively as regular braces do Avenue Orthodontics provides lingual braces to those who wish to still use braces while keeping them out of sight from the public.

Lingual Braces

The orthodontists at Avenue Orthodontcs, Dr. Eleni Michailidis and Dr. Abraham Chahine, are trained to place lingual braces. Rather than placing the braces in front of the teeth, Dr. Michailidis and Dr. Chahine carefully bond the brackets to the backside of your teeth so that they are hidden from view. Our office uses brackets and wires specially designed to reduce the associated discomfort from braces and increase tooth movement. Treatment time with lingual braces is the same as with traditional metal braces.

Homecare for Lingual Braces

As with regular braces, oral care is simple. You should brush twice a day with a soft round-bristle brush. You need to floss to remove any debris from the brackets and wires. Our office provides tools that will help you maintain proper oral hygiene with your lingual braces.

In order to use lingual braces, orthodontists must undergo rigorous training and certification. Our orthodontists are one of the few in the area who are specially trained to provide lingual braces.

At Avenue Orthodontics, we believe that straight teeth and a healthy bite is an important part of your overall health. Lingual braces can be the right option for you without getting in the way of living your life fully and confidently.

Should I Have Lingual Braces?

If you are wondering if lingual braces are a good option for improving your smile, we offer a free preliminary consultation with one of our trained and experienced orthodontists who can assess your bite and help you make the right decision.

To learn more about the possibility of improving your smile with our lingual braces in Queens, you can meet with our talented orthodontists in Whitestone to see how our lingual braces work. Avenue Orthodontics is centrally located, serving many patients from Bayside, Queens, New York, and other neighborhoods. To meet with our professional orthodontists and to learn more about lingual braces,please visit us online to schedule your complimentary smile assessment or call our staff at (718) 571-8286.

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