Early Orthodontic Treatment Can Correct Gapped Teeth

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From birth through the teenage years, your child’s mouth is constantly developing into a shape and structure that can expand with their overall growth. In particular, the elementary school years are when most children lose their baby teeth and receive their permanent teeth in their place. Due to developments in oral structure, your child may have gapped teeth that should be corrected with orthodontic treatment early on.

Some children experience large gaps in their teeth as a result of wide spaces occurring when two or more permanent teeth erupt too far from each other. While continual oral development may close these spaces naturally, most cases of widely spaced teeth require professional correction because the disrupted tooth alignment may lead to additional oral health issues.

If you are concerned about gaps in your child’s smile, you and your child are welcome to meet with Dr. Abraham Chahine for an oral exam to determine if the tooth gaps require treatment such as braces. By providing early orthodontic treatment, we can alter the tooth positioning while the mouth is most receptive to change. Periodic braces adjustments keep the appliance tight so that it continues to close the tooth gaps.

When your child’s treatment is complete, we can then provide an orthodontic retainer that helps the teeth maintain their positions while they stabilize. You are welcome to contact Avenue Orthodontics at 718-767-8400 today for a consultation to discuss your child’s orthodontic treatment in Whitestone, New York.