Recognizing Malocclusions in Your Smile

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Maintaining proper oral health and good care of your teeth includes ensuring they are in the right alignment. If your teeth or jaws have developed any alignment issues, this could put you at risk of several different oral health problems and cause you to have a smile you don’t want to show. A malocclusion can also cause you to have a bad bite or other tooth alignment problems and may require orthodontic treatment for correction.

Most tooth misalignment is due to issues involving the incisors, which are a set of front teeth that can easily stick out or rotate during oral development. For example, they can cause common malocclusions such as misplaced midlines, deep bites, open bites, overbites (buck teeth) and underbites (bulldog teeth).

Other issues can include a crossbite, in which the lower jaw sticks out farther than the upper jaw and prevents the teeth from coming together properly. You may also experience complications with spacing, rotation and transposition in the teeth and jaws that cause you to have irregularities in your smile.

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